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Pool Scoreboard Pro

1.32 usd

Pool Scoreboard Pro is a scoreboard that contains the following features:» Control the timing of shot (Shot Clock)» Show score of the match» Show the names of players» Show photos of players
» Display various statistics of players» Present the historic of the match
» Customize times of Shot Clock» Customize the warnings on Shot Clock (sound or voice)» Customize the warning words on Shot Clock
* Special thanks to Ricky Bryant (one of the most respected referees in the USA, certified by Cue Sports International) for their feedbak and suggestions to improve the application.
* We believe that constructive critics help improve the functionality of the application and meet the needs and preferences of users, therefore, we thank and appreciate all the suggestions of users.
* You can contact me directly through Facebook in
* We also thank to rate the application consciously.
Thank you for your preference.